The Real Christmas Tree is the
Natural Choice

Concolor Fir has good foliage color, a pleasing natural shape and aroma, and good needle retention.

Blue Spruce is increasing popularity as a Christmas tree as a result of its symmetrical form and attractive blue foliage. The species has an excellent natural shape. Additionally, needle retention is among the best for the spruces. Many consumers use blue spruce as a living Christmas tree, to be planted after the holiday season.

Douglas Fir-Nationally, it remains one of the most popular Christmas trees species.  The needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1-1/2 inches long, and soft to the touch.

Canaan Fir is a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market. It has many similarities to both Fraser and balsam firs in growth and appearance.  Short, green needles that are soft to the touch.

White Pine has needles that are flexible, bluish green, and about 2-5 inches long. 

Meyer Spruce-On the East Coast, the Meyer Spruce is beginning to replace the Blue Spruce.  The Meyer Spruce is a full tree, with short, dark green needles.

Recycling Ideas:
Christmas trees, are easily reused and recycled. Christmas trees are biodegradable- the trunk and branches can be used as mulch for gardens, parks, or animal stalls. The mulch provides a protective barrier for the roots of other plants and vegetation, while preventing weeds from growing. The mulch then decomposes, providing the nutrients plants need to thrive. Mulching programs are a fast-growing trend in communities throughout the nation. Check with your local department of public works for information.

Some communities use Christmas trees to make effective sand and soil erosion barriers, especially at beaches and on river beds. Sunk into private fish ponds trees make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish. Before recycling, Christmas trees can be used to make bird feeders, adding color and excitement to the winter garden. Utilize orange slices, suet, and seed to attract the birds. They will come for the food and stay for the shelter in the branches.

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